.NET, C#, Visual Studio documentation

quick and probably very silly question, but I hope that someone will help me. I am looking for documentation for : C# and .NET - like description of standard methods, functions and parameters in .NET System libraries Documentation for Visual Studio...
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2017-03-18 01:03 (0) Answers

Test Design Specifications real examples

I have read the definition in a lot of places, including http://www.badtesting.com/test-documentation/test-design-specification/ and I have seen the templates with the main fields to include, however, I still need a real example. So basic Scenario: ...
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2017-03-17 13:03 (0) Answers

Doxygen documentation for unnamed parameters

I have a bit of code that I'm trying to document so I can run it through doxygen as part of a group project. Several of the member functions take in an unnamed variable (the most prominent being Member(QString,qint32,QString,qint32,qint32,qint32);) ...
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2017-03-15 22:03 (0) Answers

JSDoc: property name

Is there a way to make a correct description for a property with special symbols like "+" in jsdoc? Example: /** * @typedef {Object} TestObject * @property {string} "id+name" */ "id+name" seems to be an invalid syntax in this case. ...
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2017-03-15 10:03 (1) Answers

Find process of object initialization in Java

I want to find an object how is getting initialized when code is running is there any tool or tip that can help me (The project is too big and there are many object that are using each other."Its not my code but I really need to find a procedure") ...
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2017-03-15 09:03 (1) Answers

Documetation how to write and what tool to use

I would like to know any tools/techniques/SDK/etc that will help to provide a good documentation for our SDK end user. For example, it would be really helpful if the tool can provide: -online editing and updating documentation -auto ref API generat...
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2017-03-14 15:03 (1) Answers

Generating Polymer documentation

I am trying to create a Polymer element repository, where all of the elements will have proper documentation and demo pages. My main source of knowledge is the official Document your elements page. It covers all regarding writing the docs and how t...
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2017-03-14 14:03 (0) Answers

python type documentation list of Foobar

I have a class like this class Foobar(object): def add_bazzes(self, new_bazzes): # type (list(Baz)) -> object for new_baz in new_bazzes: self.__do_something__(new_baz) Now, my IDE is not capable to infer, that ne...
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2017-03-13 16:03 (1) Answers

Convert .d.ts to HTML documentation

I have a typescript declaration file (.d.ts) which contains documentation about every function of an API. I want to display the documentation in a website (.html). Is there a way to do that? (Convert a .d.ts to nice looking .html) (Note: I don't ha...
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2017-03-13 04:03 (1) Answers

Creation of program user guide in many formats

I'm developing a WPF desktop application. I want to create an user guide that should be available from inside the program, with a help system, and in PDF format. What tool should I use to write the guide once and compile it in different formats? ...
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2017-03-11 14:03 (0) Answers

Unknown class in Dropwizard guide

I'm reading docs from dropwizard home. In Dropwizard core, in Configuration section, i see they create a MessageQueueFactory.class and MessageQueueClient.class, and the class MessageQueueClient have close() method, but i can't find MessageQueueClient...
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2017-03-10 04:03 (1) Answers

The TensorFlow Libraries

I am pretty interested in to the TensorFlow Library. Is there a good book recommendation to learn TensorFlow? I know it is pretty new and maybe there is not a lot of documentation on the subject. Thanks! ...
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2017-03-08 23:03 (0) Answers

Visual Studio's Object Explorer shows no summaries

I have just downloaded several NuGet packages like Google.Apis, Google.GData.Client, ... using Visual Studio Enterprise 2015. Unfortunately I can't see any details (e.g. summary) from within the object explorer, like I do when looking up e.g. System...
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2017-03-07 21:03 (1) Answers

Documentation on abstract method in abstract class

I have an abstract class where I want to document an abstract method so I won't have to document it on every child that implements it, but when I go ahead and type /** above the declaration and press enter, a regular comment block is opened as oppose...
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2017-03-07 08:03 (0) Answers

DocBook vs. HTML - difference

What is practical difference between HTML5 and DocBook? By the word "practical" I mean differences in workflow. This question is about difference. I'm not asking what is better. So, this question is about the facts, and so, I hope it would not be c...
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2017-03-07 03:03 (2) Answers

What is the most recent documentation for C#?

I was searching the Internet many times looking for C# documentation and references and many times I stumbled upon old archived MSDN sites. I've recently found this: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/kx37x362.aspx and believed that It's the mo...
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2017-03-05 12:03 (1) Answers