CSS- round div fill-in on hover

I tried to make a little effect while hovering a round div, but I couldn't find how actually to make the fill in in a round shape too. As you can see the fill in is in a square shape, and I would like to have it in the shape of my div (round in thi...
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2017-05-21 16:05 (2) Answers

How to center my website?

So I want to center my website, but I really don't know how to do that. I tried align="center" in container div in HTML but it didn't work. My other idea was to change widths of header and footer to min-width and it worked. Then I tried to set width...
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2017-05-21 14:05 (3) Answers

Slider Cannot Show

My slider does not show by default. When I load the page it is blank. I have to click one of the dots in order for the slide to appear. Can you help me with that? I think the problem is in the javascript file, but cannot find it. Please help me. Than...
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2017-05-21 14:05 (1) Answers

Directions Google Map API using JavaScript

//For TextBox Search.............. google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', function () { var places = new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(document.getElementById('txtFrom')); google.maps.event.addListener(places, '...
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2017-05-21 00:05 (3) Answers

Radio Input Check/Uncheck when clicked on label

I am creating a customer preference section where the customer can select if he is interested in a fruit or not by clicking on one of two radio buttons. The problem is, I want to allow customer to leave his preference undefined on a fruit by allowing...
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2017-05-20 18:05 (2) Answers

jQuery - scroll to anchor on button click

Im trying to make a simple script that checks if the user has pressed a button on the webpage. If he does so, it checks if the user has scrolled past a certain div, and if he did, the page scrolls to another else nothing happens. Technically, my co...
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2017-05-19 14:05 (2) Answers

Bootstrap CSS - Info Box Alignment

I have the following bootstrap info box: <div class="alert alert-info" style="text-align: center" role="info"> <span style="font-size: 30px; vertical-align: middle; padding:0px 10px 0px 0px;" class="glyphicon glyphicon-inf...
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2017-05-19 14:05 (2) Answers

Jquery constant window height

So I've been trying to make a script that checks the constant window height, here is what I have so far: But when the document is ready, it doesn't pass the height into the Variable. All I get is height: 0px; I've tried changing the var to var win...
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2017-05-19 11:05 (2) Answers

JQuery hide/show content of multiple divs on click

I'm trying to show/hide multiple divs at the same time. I'm using anchor tag to achieve this. I want to change content of two separate divs at same time. One div holds iframe and other video description. So far I've managed to make one of my divs cha...
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2017-05-18 23:05 (3) Answers

Javascript focus element on class active

I have lines text which able the user to push the next arrow (on keyboard) to change / move active word, so the user can focus on the 'red color word'. The problem is, the height of the element have limit (in this case is 200px) and I want to make t...
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2017-05-18 20:05 (1) Answers

make css grid item span from first to last row

Is it possible to make a grid item span from the first to the last row when I don't know the number of the rows? Lets say I have the following html with an unknown number of boxes. .container { display: grid; grid-template-columns: repeat...
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2017-05-18 17:05 (2) Answers

background color disappears on click

my problem is that when the screen gets under 600px then navbar becomes a dropdown navbar. Now the problem is that when you scroll down 100px the navbar gets a black background but when i wanna open the dropdown menu the black background disappears.....
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2017-05-18 13:05 (2) Answers

Flexbox item multiline text overflow

I have flex item with very long string inside, and I want it to be wraped. But it doesn't work. I set flex 1 1 500px, for instance (flex-basis = 500px) and it should wrap the string with word wrap: break-word But it doesn't, and only if I set width...
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2017-05-18 11:05 (2) Answers

Leave empty line if text not present

I am trying to make a list look consistent. However, each title has a different length. I want to make it look consistent- regardless of content. I am trying to do the following: Limit text to a maximum of two lines of text (with "..." to indicate...
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2017-05-18 10:05 (1) Answers

Unexpected animation behaviour in safari

I have chain of animations happening demonstrated below (see gif's). There is one particular animation called fadeIn that works fine on chrome and firefox, yet has this strange flashing behaviour in safari. Here is animation code: @keyframes fadeIn...
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2017-05-17 16:05 (2) Answers

CSS - Crisp boundaries for linear gradient

I am using linear gradient to generate two sections of a div with a trapezium-like border. I am not able to get a crisp boundary between the two colors, I get a very narrow region of gradient - I have been able to reduce it, but I haven't been able t...
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2017-05-17 13:05 (2) Answers

Change image src on the button when hover

I want to change my img src when I hover on the button. There are few answers that are similar to mine, but I still can't figure it out. <button class='Nav' id="Nav_Homepage"> <img src="./img/Homepage.png" class='img_Nav' id="img_Hom...
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2017-05-17 08:05 (3) Answers

JavaFX - Display background of a disabled Label

With JavaFX, I would like to display a Label with a defined background color (when disabled, my Label's background becomes transparent), and I tried the code below, but that still doesn't work... Have you some tips for me? - Another thread told me to...
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2017-05-17 08:05 (1) Answers