Is it a way to make bluetooth pairing much faster

Goal: trying to achieve fast Bluetooth pairing. Storyline: I tried Bluecove library in Java, and if you know already the device address, pairing process on windows is blindly fast. On Linux it is lacking 15 seconds or so and is pretty annoying. Ther...
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2017-09-09 14:09 (0) Answers

onreceive() not working with Android O

I am testing on Android O phone. I have a Broadcast receiver registred to receive the Bluetooth status change event. I have added this inside my code as context.registerReceiver(receiver , BluetoothAdapter.ACTION_STATE_CHANGED) When i test, the c...
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2017-08-14 11:08 (0) Answers

Display UUID RX/TX Value in iOS App Label

I'm currently trying to only receive data being sent over BLE.Print from my Arduino. So, I should be looking for the RX characteristic. I can see the data being transmitted in the UART window on the Bluefruit LE App. I already can connect to the dev...
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2017-07-23 20:07 (0) Answers

Make my python's Bluetooth server visible to iOS

I've been struggling to connect a Bluetooth server (using Bluez or similar) in a Python script which runs on a Linux service, with an iPhone device which runs a Cordova hybrid app. I'm using cordova-plugin-ble-central for the latter, and for the for...
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2017-07-03 10:07 (0) Answers

Auto connect mechanism in Bluetooth

I was engaged in developing a Bluetooth Hardware device (loaded with HID profile) which pair, connect and interact with iOS and Android phone.Everything is fine. But my doubt is How to build Auto connection feature between them (BT device 2 Mobile). ...
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2017-04-05 15:04 (0) Answers

Which tool has replaced gatttool in bluez5?

It seems like since commit b1eb2c4cd057624312e0412f6c4be000f7fc3617 gatttool has been deprecated but I'm unable to find any information on what has replaced gattool. Every Python Bluetooth LE packages I looked into relays on gatttool and is now brok...
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2017-04-04 09:04 (1) Answers

Always discoverable Classic Bluetooth module

I recently purchased a Bluetooth device which connects to both my iOS and Android devices. The device uses Classic Bluetooth and seems to be quite stable on my Android device however recently, I have noticed a few issues with the connection on my iO...
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2017-03-29 07:03 (0) Answers

How to load URL image in android wear?

Right now I am using Glide-library to load the image in Android Wear. It doesn't load the image in most of the times. However, it loads image sometimes. Don't know what going wrong in my code. Note Wear is connected to the device via Bluetooth and ...
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2017-01-06 06:01 (2) Answers

Bluetooth Headset causing routing problems on iOS

I'm currently initializing my AVAudioSession as follows: NSError *myError = nil; AVAudioSession* avSession = [AVAudioSession sharedInstance]; [avSession setCategory: AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord withOptions:AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionDef...
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2016-12-29 02:12 (1) Answers

Multipeer connectivity framework iOS 10 issue

I am having an hard time with Multipeer connectivity framework. I am using multipeer connectivity frame to send data between 2 iPads using Wifi/Adhoc Wifi/Bluetooth. It is all working fine in iOS 9.x. But with iOS 10 all scenarios except sending dat...
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2016-11-28 13:11 (0) Answers