Cordova plugins undefined when tested on device

I am using Phonegap with ngCordova and AngularJS. I am trying to use the following plugin (PhoneGap-Image-Resizer) to help me save some media to the device. My issue is that my plugin is giving me the following error: [phonegap] [console.error] Err...
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2017-04-21 16:04 (3) Answers

angular js site just stopped working

below is my entire angular.js index page which as of five minutes ago was working as intended displaying the 5 seperate entries i have in my database in the list i have setup. After a restart of chrome it is no longer working and i am getting the fol...
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2017-04-21 07:04 (1) Answers

Protractor 5.1.1 doesn't work with Chrome 58

Recently my chrome browser updated to Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit). Therefore, my existing protractor test is not working with the current version of chrome. The error message is Failed: unknown error: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'Stri...
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2017-04-21 06:04 (2) Answers

Generating JSON-LD with AngularJS

I am generating JSON-LD in a script tag in the body section using this solution in AngularJS 1.4.8. The directive is defined as myApp.directive('jsonld', ['$filter', '$sce', function($filter, $sce) { return { restrict: 'E', template: func...
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2017-04-20 19:04 (0) Answers

Bind parsed XML data to AngularJS variable

Im trying to bind XML data to a variable in AngularJS. The data returned from my service is in XML <string xmlns=""> &lt;Response&gt;&#xD; &lt;Firstname&gt;Johanna&...
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2017-04-20 12:04 (1) Answers

Reference error: WebpackJsonp not defined

Converted my existing Angular 2 project into electron base cross platform than I installed electron-forge start development tools for development to simple easy way to package. A command to launch app : electron-forge start Unlikely returned an re...
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2017-04-20 09:04 (0) Answers

AngularJS - Proven way of handling ng-model data

I have a form, and I'm trying to bind date from it in the angularjs - controller so I can pass it into the djangorestframework view to do more stuff with it. Now my problem is that I don't understand how to properly bind data from the datetimepicker...
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2017-04-20 08:04 (1) Answers

Umbraco job feed rss

Okay, so this problem has been driving me nuts for a while now. I'm working for a client who has a site on Umbraco, they're a recruitment company and they're using a database from First Choice (The Access Group). I'd never used C# before but I've lea...
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2017-04-19 18:04 (1) Answers

Catching all clickable elements in Angular2?

I want to add a cursor:pointer css style to all elements that have (click) handler defined (or have binding to click events). I believe that on AngularJS it was possible to define a css using [ng-click] { ... }, is there a similar workaround for Ang...
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2017-04-18 20:04 (2) Answers

Calling href with Angular to open modal

Context I´m working in this Tutorial, is about CRUD with DataTable, but difference I´m using Asp.Net WebApi with Angular I´m into step 9, where tutorial made partial views for pop-up window, but I don´t use partial view, instead it, I use Angul...
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2017-04-18 08:04 (1) Answers

Send $http.get twice

Edit 1: Guys, I notice that I call $http.get('/posts') (for some special purpose) in my authentication factory. Sorry for the stupid question. I will delete it when the bounty is end. I have the following code to load a page https://localhost:3000/#...
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2017-04-18 02:04 (1) Answers

AngularJS: Using function in ng-disabled

I'm using ng-disabled in my view like this I have truthy conditions flex="20" ng-disabled="form.$invalid || form.$pristine || day == 0 || leaveapplication.reason == null" ng-click="save(starts_on, ends_on, leave_type_...
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2017-04-17 12:04 (2) Answers

AngularJS nested $state issue

$stateProvider.state('brands', { url: '/brands', controller: 'brandsController', templateUrl: 'views/brands/brands.html' }); and $stateProvider.state('brands.details', { url: '/details/:uid', controller: 'brandController...
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2017-04-17 11:04 (1) Answers