How to set default timezone in angular js

I want to set default Timezone offset (America/Chicago) in date field. new Date function added into the code and call it properly into HTML file. its showing date and time properly but i want to set time zone default to America/chicago. code in cont...
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2017-06-20 11:06 (1) Answers

ng-value is not working

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <script src=""></script> <body> <div ng-app="" > <input ng-value="100"> ...
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2017-06-20 08:06 (5) Answers

ON LOAD synchronization with ANGULAR JS directive

I'm learning directives with angular js. I'm trying a simple piece of code on purpose to display a spinner while loading big images. It's nearly OK, but when I'm loading several images, I'm surprised that all ONLOADs are fired at once when all image...
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2017-06-19 12:06 (0) Answers

How to ignore '#' character from angular route?

I have an angular application, by using $stateProvider i have configured few angular states. but when i target to any state, the url appear '#' character like: http://localhost:63808/#/login, instead of this url i want to configure like: http://loca...
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2017-06-19 12:06 (3) Answers

Ng-click won't execute

I want to make my div tag clickable, but I can't get it to work. I am working with Angular 1.5 and Ionic V1. When an user logs in I want he/she to be presented with this view: <ion-modal-view> <ion-header-bar> <div class="button...
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2017-06-19 12:06 (3) Answers

ng-pattern not working in angular js

I have a regex pattern as (http(s)?://)?([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(/[\w- ;,./?%&=]*)? which is working fine if I use some online tool to check it but when i use it in ng-pattern as ng-pattern="(http(s)?://)?([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(/[\w- ;,./?%&=]*)?" it is ...
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2017-06-19 09:06 (2) Answers

Getting rid of #! in angularjs ngRoute

I'm working with Angularjs ngRoute for SPA with Node.js as my backend, I have 3 pages in my website say: localhost:8000/#!/ localhost:8000/#!/red localhost:8000/#!/green By googling I found the way to get rid off /**#!**/ and it worked fine only...
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2017-06-18 12:06 (2) Answers

Google Maps doesn't show up in a Modal Ionic

I've been integrating Google maps to my ionic app by following this tutorial. I've integrated the map to a view without issues and it's detecting the location. But when I t...
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2017-06-18 09:06 (0) Answers

is not a number in angular js

I created this code to check if value is number or not but it doesn't seem to work. app.controller('ForCtrl', function($scope) { $scope.calcul_factorielle = function() { var mm = 1; if ((typeof ($scope.test) !== 'number')) $scop...
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2017-06-17 22:06 (2) Answers

Stuck with infinitely repeating digest loops

I have an Angular SPA I'm running with Angular Loading Bar and AngularJS v1.4.9. For some time now, it has been so happening that after the app gets loaded, the bar has been getting stuck after a while, indicating that not all requests are done with...
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2017-06-17 22:06 (0) Answers

$modal is not working as expected

var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ui.bootstrap']); app.controller('myCtrl', function($scope,$modal){ $scope.firstName = "John"; $scope.lastName = function(){ ${ template: '<h1>{{firstName}}&...
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2017-06-16 14:06 (2) Answers

Using http requests vs. manually searching array

Scenario: I'm building a web app using angularjs. I have an api that connects to my database. For example, if I have a page that uses data from my database. Which is the best way to go about doing this? Way One GET request for all data var array...
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2017-06-16 07:06 (1) Answers

Legend showing undefined in angular chart

I'm using angular-chart.js to draw charts in my application. But i am facing a problem. Chart legend is showing undefined instead of labels. My js code: $scope.labels_std = ['Total Students', 'Submitted fee', 'Has to submit']; $scop...
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2017-06-15 11:06 (1) Answers