How to import Google Cloud Client Library in Java


How would one import the Google Cloud Client Library found at :

Into eclipse, non maven, java?

I have found no .jar file in the library.


I tried adding the .jar file but I still get "the import could not be resolved" on the following imports:


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  1. 2017-01-03 13:01

    Get JAR file from maven central, for example for 0.8 version here is download link. And then add JAR to your Eclipse project as usual.

  2. 2017-01-03 14:01

    Just download it from Maven Central, even if you do not want to use some proper build tool like Gradle or even Maven:

    As you do not want to use a proper build tool with transitive dependency management (like Gradle, Ant+Ivy, Maven in best-to-worst order) you of course also have to add all transitive dependencies manually. Look into the POM file of the library at and also download and add all dependencies and their dependencies and their dependencies.

    The google-cloud-0.8.0.jar is just an empty placeholder, so you cannot use something by just importing that JAR of course. for example is actually contained in gcloud-java-core and in gcloud-java-datastore. If you are interested in which JAR contains an actual class file you can easily use the Maven Central search for this like

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