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First of all excuse my english I know that it isn't the best. The thing: I got a Rails application, I already generate the sitemap and inside of it there are the doctor's urls, because my app serves as a medical directory, so let's say that I want to Google: "Michael Green" and indeed there is a doctor with that name inside the app, and I generated the sitemap with it's URL, and all the meta tags as keywords, title and description with that name. When I go to Google it's impossible to find that doctor, even if I use Google custom searches and another tools. It's an API, but I serve HTML in order to Google see the important data first and to make the application crawlable.

I know that I'm not a SEO magician but, I think that I put al the neccesary data to make that "doctor" visible for Google, also my static pages as: Contact, information or the main page, these appear on Google results, but the doctors doesn't, the URL for doctors is something like: app.com/doctors/michael-green, and still nothing. So once again excuse my english and I'll appreciate any help. Thank you.

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