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  1. 2016-12-29 06:12

    I do not think version control management like svn would allow "Update to particular version", Because changes(commits) are meant to be stored as versions.

    Making changes to a particular version breaks the core principle of version control management, So I do not think there can be a way to "Update to particular version"

    You may checkout particular version...

    If you want to do update via program...pls refer to the below link..

    Also have a look at the following link for updating working copy:-

    Command :-

    SVN Update


     svn update
    A    newdir/toggle.c
    A    newdir/disclose.c
    A    newdir/launch.c
    D    newdir/README
    Updated to revision 32.

    You can also “update” your working copy to an older revision..

    svn update -r30
    A    newdir/README
    D    newdir/toggle.c
    D    newdir/disclose.c
    D    newdir/launch.c
    U    foo.c
    Updated to revision 30.

    Please let me know if the above answer is not clear..



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