Correct url formatting on a ASPX page


My current url is

For SEO I want

I am binding the data on my aspx page heres the code for it :

<% foreach (System.Data.DataRow item in dt.Rows)

            <div class="col-xs-6 col-sm-3 mix livefeeds News">
                    <div class="work-item">
                        <div class="image-holder">
                            <a href="<%="Article.aspx?Id=" + item["Identity"].ToString()%>">
                           <%-- <a href="<%="item[\"Url\"]" + "Article.aspx"%>">--%>
                                <img src="<%=item["ImagePath"].ToString()%>"/>


Now I have my required url in url column so am getting stuck at the syntax to make the url so that after making the url I will get the Id and pass it to the store procedure to get the data.

Need help in this line,am unable to code the exact syntax,as there are lots of errors.

 <%--<a href="<%="item[\"Url\"]" + "Article.aspx"%>">--%>

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