How to save an object after exit


So I'm currently working with and winforms and I need the have objects created from my classes saved so they are still there if I exit the program and open it again. I also needed to make them dynamically so I was going to add them to a dictionary on creation and save that dictionary in the settings, but it seems that you can't save a dictionary in settings. So how can I do this? Maybe something like save the creations in an excel sheet and recreate them on load each time, that might work but seems a tad inefficient, Thanks in advance, Ed. (p.s. sorry if this makes no sense it's 1:30am in the morning here and I'm not really with it.)

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  1. 2016-12-22 14:12

    So just putting this here in case anybody else has this problem, I took Plutonix's advice and looked into serialization and it sorted my problem, used this video:

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