Google Bot (SEO) and language using cookies but have the exact same url


is there any way that I can inform the google bot that to get additional languages it needs to have a cookie set?

for example, at the user can click at the bottom of the page to change language. What really happens under the hood is that the button via js will set a cookie and will reload the page.

Is there any way (withought modifying the urls or adding a url parameter for language) that we can notify google bot to crawl all provided languages?

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  1. 2016-06-05 10:06

    Google can't ready cookies and sessions, and to prove this user "Web Developer Tool" on any browsers and disable the cookies.

    The only way that Google can index and crawl your languages is to add them as a level in the URL "" or add them as sub-domain "" or parameter.

    Also don't forget to add "hreflang" in the to make sure Google will understand your structure.

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