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3 questions in one regarding dynamically generated content and google.

I have a page with some initial content at path, say, /page. If the user enters /page?lang=fr I want to dynamically change the contents to French and I want Google to be able to index /page and /page?lang=fr differently and for the second page to show the French content and not the initial content. Is this possible? Will google see that there is an incoming link with ?lang=fr and index it differently?

What if the incoming link is actually coming from a javascript function? like: <a href="javascript:change_lang('fr')">french</a> that changes the current location to /page?lang=fr Will google follow and index this link?

Finally, will google execute pages and use localstorage and all, and index from there? What if I set the lang parameter in localstorage at page /page_A, then there is a link to page /page_B, that if followed it will take the param from localstorage, change the content and finally do a history.replaceState to add the parameter in the URL, ending up with /page_B?lang=fr. Will google do this execution with localstorage and realize there is a /page_B and also a /page_B?lang=fr page, with different contents?

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