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Google Ajax-crawling instructions say the !# is actually transformed into ?_escaped_fragment_ by the google crawler.

I'd like to prepare my Vaadin 7 application to be SEO ready for Google search engine so could you please tell me if there is any out of the box functionality that will simplify that process by handling a following requests with ?_escaped_fragment_ ?

If there is no out of the box solution - what is the right way in order to implement this ?

Or another idea - is it possible to use together with Vaadin ?


Looks like nowadays Google is able to crawl, render, and index the #! URLs.

Q: My site currently follows your recommendation and supports _escaped_fragment_. Would my site stop getting indexed now that you've deprecated your recommendation?
A: No, the site would still be indexed. In general, however, we recommend you implement industry best practices when you're making the next update for your site. Instead of the _escaped_fragment_ URLs, we'll generally crawl, render, and index the #! URLs.

Can someone please confirm that Vaadin application can be successfully crawled by Google bot ?

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